My Winter Break

This winter break I went to Sascatchewan with my Dad and my brother. I got to visit my family!! On the ride back our tire exploded. We had to stop in Calgary to get a replacement. Being in Sascatchewan was lots of fun despite how cold and flat it was. This break I also, saw a play, played lots of board games, went to dance, and relaxed.

JAAKS an average day

What I Want for Christmas

This Christmas I am hoping to recieve some of the following gifts:
-An ipod touch
-Movies like Singing in the rain
-ipod docking station

Apart from gifts, I'm very excited for christmas, as I will be spending it in Sascatchewan with my family.

The Little Flower

This is the animation I made in Fireworks. I made the flower growing by myself, but I took the graphic of the grass off the internet. With some difficulty with the colours and gradient fill, it managed to turn out ok. I added music to suit the mood throughout the animation.

Ski Hill Opening

I'm not really looking forward to the ski hill opening since I don't ski or snowboard. But this winter season I'm thinking of trying skiing. The last I tried it I was only 10, but I'm hoping that this time I won't fall so much.


For this winter I plan on dealing with the cold by wearing mittens, toques, a jacket, gloves, drinking hot chocolate, sitting by the fireplace, avoid being outside too long, building a snowman, and going sledding.


My first post wasn't showing up so this is a re-post of my colour scan.
For more information about the scan read the previous post:


This Halloween I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do. I know that I'm going to be Mario, but I haven't got any plans yet. Sometime before now and halloween I'll probably watch a couple halloween movies which is my tradition. And also eat some candy!!

The Untold Story Of The Sad Cat

Photoshop: Text Projects

These are my projects from Part A: Text Projects. In this picture I morphed the text to go around the donut. I liked the contrast of the pink donut to the blue writing. I found this project to be pretty easy.
For the second project I made my name look 3D and animated. I found this project to be difficult because there was soo many steps. But, with perserverance,on my third attempt I got this. I like how the white in my name, and the shadow makes the image appear to be 3 dimensional.


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